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Walking Safaris

Find your way back to nature on one of our Walking Safaris. A truly unique experience, dedicated to the little things of the environment, but not forgetting the big ones. After all, we specialized in Walking Safaris in Big 5 Reserves!

The longing to reconnect with nature leads us to Walking Safaris as an escape of the stressful and demanding modern civilization. The trails will expose you to the wild African bush. Walking in the bush is a very different experience to what a classical Safari in a vehicle might be. You never know the outcome of your walk, it always comes with surprises.

On foot allows you to see nature in an un-disturbed way, it allows you to view animals up close, to look at the small things, and using your senses, to listen for birds, to smell the vegetation and to understand the environment - this all reconnects you with nature and brings an unforgettable adventure.

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Planned Safaris & Details

We offer Safaris on set dates as well as on request. You find our planned Walking Safaris below. Send us an enquiry for a Safari-On-Request with your desired date.



We truly can’t wait to return to the most incredible and magical place for our 7-day walking safari, exploring the African bush on foot.

Selati Game Reserve, South Africa


Planned Safaris & Details

Our Corporate Responsibility

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With each Walking Safari we share our love for nature by donating to the Earth Child Project. With every donation we provide a child with weekly environmental education for a year. The children learn to love and respect nature through worm farming, gardening and eco clubs.

We love offering our safaris and educate about the African bush and wildlife. Nevertheless it does stand in conflict with the climate challenges we face today and we are well aware of that. This is why together with Greenpop we plant trees for every guest to offset the 1.4 tons of carbon footprint an international trip creates.

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Frequently asked Questions

Do you have any questions? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions below or send us your question by contact form.

FAQ Walking Safaris
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