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Sigurwana 4_edited.jpg
Sigurwana 4_edited.jpg

The Reserve

Sigurwana Wilderness Reserve is situated at the heart of an ancient part of the African continent, the Soutpansberg Mountain, in Limpopo Province in northern South Africa, approx. 60km from Louis Trichardt, a town named after a leader of the Great Trek migration of settlers into the interior of the country in the 17th Century. A hotspot of biodiversity, the 5,500-hectare malaria-free wilderness haven is perched off the beaten track atop the Soutpansberg mountain range. It embraces Soutpansberg’s highest peak Mount Lajuma, with spectacular views and rock formations millions of years old.

As well as being a source of great pride among locals, Sigurwana Wilderness Reserve is a major destination for South African and international tourists seeking much more

than a run-of-the-mill holiday. This stunning South African wilderness reserve gives you a unique means of reconnecting with nature, a highly rewarding experience that provides treasured, lifelong memories.

Selati Reserve
Sigurwana 4_edited.jpg

The Lodge

Sigurwana Lodge enhances the authentic back-to-nature experience guests enjoy at the impressive mountain-top wilderness reserve in South Africa. The unique lodge accommodation provides you with beautiful views across spectacular swathes of natural scenic beauty and is the ideal place from which to explore the vast range of fascinating indigenous creatures and plants that inhabit our

5 500 ha hotspot of biodiversity.

Leading South Africa travel booking platform SafariNow describes the accommodation as a “captivating lodge situated in a beautiful setting”. What makes Sigurwana Lodge so captivating is the creative touch of authenticity. It was lovingly crafted with natural materials from the surrounding

Sigurwana Wilderness Reserve, including rounded rock walls that follow the flow of nature and a thatch roof that blends seamlessly with the ecological environment.

Selati Camp
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The Accommodation

The South Africa mountain-top bush chalets put you at the heart of a natural wonderland. We have three rustic chalets, a source of pride for the Sigurwana Wilderness Reserve staff who lovingly customized them to harmonize with the surrounding 5 500 ha Eden of unspoilt South Africa that’s a paradise of wildlife and botanical delights.

A short walk from Sigurwana Lodge, the thatched chalets enjoy beautiful natural surroundings, each with delightful bush views and charm, ideal for single travellers or couples. Each chalet has its own distinctive colour scheme and charm.

They give you access to one of South Africa’s most captivating areas, home to an exceptional diversity of

indigenous fauna and flora, thriving in their natural environment.

Selati Accommodation
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The Location

Selati Location
Sigurwana 4_edited.jpg

Why we like it

  • Located in the beautiful Soutpansberg

  • Intimate and extremely diverse wilderness reserve

  • We love the breath-taking views

  • Outstanding food and the attention to detail

  • Excellent staff and great hospitality

Selati Why we like it
Sigurwana 4_edited.jpg
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